12 Most Frequently Asked Questions

a) What is the difference between Pekin and Peking Duck?

Pekin Duck is the breed of duck commonly used for meat production. Peking duck on the other hand is the Chinese style cooked duck which many of us are familiar with and are fond of enjoying.

b) Is duck healthy to enjoy?

Most Definitely! Duck is very rich in Protein, Zinc, and may other healthy nutrients. There are also studies which show that it can naturally lower cholesterol and sugar in the body. To enjoy a leaner version of our ducky goodness, try EJG’s Skinless And Boneless Pekin Duck Meat!

c) Is duck considered as white or red meat?

Pekin Ducks, although part of the poultry family, is considered as red meat. That is why it has darker meat compared to chicken and turkey; however, this also attributes as to why it has a more distinct and succulent flavor profile.

d) Is duck a flexible kind of protein to cook with?

Absolutely! Although each and every cuisine would have their classics, such as roasted, duck l’orange, stews, and braised, the possibilities are endless for all types of cooking styles. Some of our customers have even created Duck adobo, caldereta, and sisig and have given us excellent feedback!

e) Does the company only cater to establishments or also to individuals?

We deliver to both establishments and individuals! If you are an establishment and wish to ask about our company further, please do leave a message and we will have one of our sales team contact you right away. If you want to try our duck for personal use, you may order through this website and we will handle the rest!

f) Does the company deliver door to door?

Yes, we do! We can deliver our whole dressed ducks, breasts, legs, and rendered duck fat the next day after you order. For a small minimum quantity, we will deliver them to you for free!

g) What if I don’t know how or have time to cook duck, can I order cooked duck?

Order our Authentic Chinese Style Roasted Peking Duck! Ideal to both impress people and enjoy! Just give us 3 days to prepare and deliver (Peking duck is complicated to cook). We will even include our authentic roasted duck sauce and is packaged individually in custom boxes.

h) Does the company practice force feeding?

The company strongly advocates both modern farming and care for animal welfare. No, the company does not force feed its pekin ducks and is firmly against this practice.

i) Is the company recognized by the Philippine government?

Yes! We have complete government permits and accreditations, including from the SEC, BAI, NMIS, DENR, and our LGU. We are even accredited by third party accreditation companies such as Duns and Bradshaw. This guarantees that you are eating not only the best and safest pekin duck meat there is, but also legal!

j) What does the company feed to their pekin ducks and are they allowed to roam around like in other farms?

The company makes its own feeds using ingredients from a closely selected list of suppliers with regular laboratory checks. It is a 100% A-grade grain based diet and does not contain any hormones.

Guillermo Pekin Ducks are housed in enclosed facilities with tight bio security protocols. This ensures that our ducks do not eat insects, which would create a foul taste and smell in the meat, but more importantly, isolate the animals from possible disease threats such as avian influenza or bird flu.

k) Does the company contract grow or sub-contract any of its operations?

Definitely Not. One of the key secrets of EJG Mighty Duck Farm, Inc. is its maintaining of all operations controlled within the company. This allows to not only implement the strictest of quality control, but as well as provide its clients with full transparency in terms of its management and product handling.

l) Does the company export its ducks to other countries?

As of the present, even with offers to ship its products, the company has chosen to first supply the Philippines only with its dressed pekin ducks and pekin duck products. This is a way to guarantee that the Filipinos and international guests in the Philippines would be eating a higher quality and safer kind of duck compared to other countries, especially those affected by birds flu.

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