Our Farm

EJG Mighty Duck Farm, Inc. is the one and only Integrated Pekin Duck Farm in the Philippines. Located in Brgy Pagalangan, Victoria, Laguna, it is registered and recognized by the national government institutions such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, Department of Agriculture, National Meat Inspection Services, Bureau of Animal Industry, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Laguna Lake Development Agency, as well as agencies from the local government units. It has also received various Special Awards and Citations from both local and international bodies.


The farm houses all of the company’s production facilities. From its previously imported Genetics from France, England, Germany, and Taiwan, it has now developed the following assets and technologies suited for the Philippine Climate:

  • 8th Generation Acclimatized Grand Parent Stock for the Guillermo Pekin Ducks

  • 9th Generation Philippine Black Mallard Duck

  • Incubator and Hatchery Technologies

  • Brooding and Rearing of Pekin Duck Breeders And Broilers

  • In House Feed Formulation ; Preparation And Feeding Guidelines

  • Operations of Pekin Ducks

  • Slaughtering and Dressing Plant

  • Processing and Packaging Systems

  • Farm Bio-Security And Environmental Protection Program


The farm site also allows the company to fulfill its advocacy for strong local social development. Aside from the taxes paid, which contribute to area development, it also allows the company to generate jobs and provide substantial income and benefits to many households. It also believes in women empowerment and currently has many substantial roles dedicated to women. EJG Mighty Duck Farm, Inc. is also a partner of its local government in terms of holistic enrichment through its contributions to the socio-economic programs of the church, schools, and barangay.

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