Our Story

“Great ambitions, when used as fuel, can turn humble beginnings into spectacular possibilities.”

EJG Mighty Duck Farm, was initially started by the company’s Chairman, Mario R. Guillermo in the year 1993, as a native duck egg farm. He placed the farm in Victoria, Laguna, the former duck capital of the Philippines. Come 2004, being aware of the absence of a local pekin duck farm in the country, EJG Mighty Duck Farm, Inc., was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and was fully converted into an agro-industrial Pekin Duck Farm. Since many farms who have previously tried to produce quality Pekin Duck failed due to the lack of proper genetics which can perform under Philippine conditions, the Company imported breeders from England, UK, Germany, and Taiwan, and acclimatized them to be the one and only registerable Philippine Pekin Duck Breed today.

In the beginning, everyone in the industry said that the vision of an Integrated Duck Farm in a tropical country and to go head to head with Imported Pekin Ducks from other countries was not only ambitious, but crazy. No doubt, there were plentiful of obstacles and challenges along the way. But with blood, sweat, and countless sacrifices, what was once impossible has now become a reality. The Genetics, through a rigorous breeding program, were perfected, together with all necessary technologies and know-how, in order to operate a successful pekin duck farm.

At present, the company is proud to say that it is the preferred choice of 5-6 Star hotels and 1st Class restaurants in the Philippines. Indeed, EJG’s dressed pekin ducks and pekin duck products speak for themselves when it comes to fulfilling the highest quality and freshness demands of many Chefs. The company has now also developed its unique style of corporate management, which allows them to provide unbeatable service reliability. Their modern farming techniques, on the other hand, enables them to produce the best products available, without the use of unjustly methods such as forced feeding.

EJG are the initials of the Chairman’s wife and company’s Treasurer, Estela J. Guillermo and Mighty Ducks was the favorite movie of their 3 Children, who used to play Ice Hockey for the Philippine Junior Team. The company is 100% owned by the Guillermo Family. Without a doubt, their name as the company’s brand, serves as the hardest form of guarantee of excellence.

Made by Filipinos for people from around the world to enjoy. We are the Philippine’s Pekin Duck Authority!


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